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    Seeking Affiliates for Lottery System


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    Seeking Affiliates for Lottery System

    Post  lottometrics on Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:25 pm

    Hi Everyone....

    Just putting the finishing touches on a new site, a lottery system for heavy gamblers and lottery pools, to minimize their losses. There is no system quite like mine out there.

    The site is live now, and orders can be taken, and I would like to get some affiliates on the go. This system can work on any pick 6 of 49 lottery in the world.

    It is setup with CCBILL, and I am paying a minimum of 40% commission, to a max of 50%, in 2% increments and you are at 50% after 500 monthly, I am trying to encourage traffic.

    The sale amount is between $18.49 and $99.49.

    If you have a site with good traffic where maybe you think this lottery niche might be good, I would like to get you to signup. Still working on my banners, let me know what you need.

    No idea of what the conversion ratio will be, but initial response is good, and I think it might be a perfect companion to a adult related site, since it is pretty well the same demographic. It can't be worse than dating sites that is for sure, I was making nothing on those.

    Just keep me in mind if you got some traffic. Find attached the affiliate estimated earnings.


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